Things I’ve Learnt From Having 2 Babies

What I’ve learnt from having the girls so close together and, in general, I guess a second child:

  1. No more babies.
  2. It’s OK to change the routine when needed. They adapt.
  3. It’s OK if someone is crying. There often isn’t enough mummy to go around. Actually, there is NEVER enough mummy.
  4. I’ve got another good year or so before I can wear my hair down and it not look horrendous in about 30 seconds.
  5. “Coffee is my friend”. Some days I can actually manage on 3-4 hours of sleep, other days I don’t know how I made it to bedtime.
  6. The house will never be spotless again (until the kids move out), so I have to settle for clean.
  7. “This too shall pass”. It absolutely gets easier.
  8. Mr. Tumble is the best. Pepper Pig is not; sassy little pig!
  9. They do eventually eat food normally. If they like it of course; you can put Nutella on most things, right?
  10. No more babies.
  11. There really is a never ending pile of washing . The washing and tumble drying is fine, folding and putting it away is not. I no longer have a relationship with the iron.
  12. I can find the time to shower and wash my hair – that’s my one absolute each day; I’m fine having a tiny audience.
  13. Allow time to get upstairs to pee or poop. Do not leave it to bursting as getting the girls upstairs takes time!
  14. I absolutely love them equally.
  15. I can’t compare them as they are polar opposites, even though I constantly do.
  16. Having 2 of everything makes it easier, but probably isn’t winning at teaching them to share.
  17. You do survive.
  18. Eating is the bottom of my personal priorities and I can survive on their leftovers.
  19. I can go out the house without a full face of makeup and not be laughed at. Hmm, or I’m just to tired to notice or care.
  20. No more babies!
  21. There are never enough toys. Rotation is good.
  22. Getting out as often as possible helps, despite needing to be a military operation, otherwise, it’s very lonely.
  23. Parenting is not a competition. Do what you need to do to get by, as long as it’s with love and respect for your children.
  24. Accept help. It doesn’t make you less of a mummy having help. It makes you a better mummy as you won’t be as stressed or lonely.
  25. An endless supply of batteries is essential.
  26. It is inevitable play dough colours will mix. *twitching eye*
  27. Toddler regression is highly frustrating. “You can walk now Isabella, you have been able to for about a year now!”
  28. When one or both won’t nap it’s actually a nightmare.
  29. 1 yr olds can definitely get jealous.
  30. Did I mention I’m not having any more!! Love them, yes, but I’m/we’re good with the two thanks. *snippety-snip.

One thought on “Things I’ve Learnt From Having 2 Babies

  • Aww Andrea a beautifully refreshing and totally honest account as always. You write so eloquently and made me smile. Absolutely loving your blog – #inspiration.

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