Labour With A Toddler


You never actually know when labour is going to start, unless your booked in for a c-section or induction of course. So one of my first worries was what on earth do I do if I go into labour whilst I’m alone with Isabella; only 13 months old by then. Marcus works away over night some of the week so that made me even more concerned. Mummy to the rescue!! I persuaded my dear mum to stay over the nights Marcus worked away in the last few weeks, so that if I did go into labour someone was with me and could look after Isabella. I also prepped my sister in law, Sarah, as my taxi to hospital/birthing partner until Daddy could make it home given his commute is 2 hours. I’d heard crazy things about the speed of labour with your second child!! Sarah and I are the best of friends and Isabella will only really settle with me, Marcus or my mum, so as much as mum would of been my back up labour partner originally, Isabella’s needs came first. My lovely Sarah would just have to leave the business end to the midwifes. To be honest you lose all dignity in labour so I wasn’t actually worried as long as I had someone I knew and trusted to hold my hand. Probably more for her benefit to stay nearer my purpling face, than my purpling piles.

What actually happened was quite handy when you have a toddler to worry about. My waters broke early Wednesday morning waking me up in a sticky puddle that I was pretty confident wasn’t pee. In gory detail its clear and smells a bit like that after sex smell. Marcus had been staying in London that night, typically, so I was really pleased I’d roped my mum into staying over. After speaking to the hospital they told me I had to get myself in to be checked over. Daddy was updated and started his 2 hr journey home, Isabella was updated she was staying with Nana and my sister in law was dragged from her bed at 5am to come get me and my leaking bump.

It was all very calm in the hospital as I wasn’t actually having any contractions etc. Sarah was almost disappointed it wasn’t a bit more dramatic as we chatted to people booked in for c-secrtions and winced at the ladies who were panting and pacing in pain. They checked me over, confirmed it was my waters and told me that if I hadn’t gone into labour by tomorrow morning I had to come in at 7am to be induced. I was induced half way through labour with Isabella and really didn’t want to go down that road again, especially to kick start labour. I didn’t manage a water birth with Isabella as I was getting no where with dilating floating around in the pool. I was hoping I might get the chance again second time around, but my hospital won’t let you into the pool/midwife led ward if you have to be induced. Its funny how the late stages of pregnancy and the threat of induction make you will on the enduring pain and discomfort of labour. We made it back home just as Daddy got off the motorway so he missed all the drama *rolls eyes*.

Now with my first labour my waters broke whilst I was in the midst of contractions. We were literally about to head out the door to the hospital as I’d had enough of toughing it out at home. This was somewhat different. Less breaking and more dripping. They continued like that for the rest of the day. I literally moved an arm and it was like I’d peed myself! Mum stayed with us and Marcus didn’t go back to work so to avoid any embarrassment I mainly sat on the sofa on a towel changing my maternity pad every half hr!

At about 12.30am on the Thursday I woke up to back ache, which when I concentrated definitely came in waves. Then I felt like I needed to poop out the baby and after emptying myself on the loo, quickly realised it was time to go to the hospital again. The contractions went from “Ooo my backs quite sore” to “OMG we need to leave immediately” within an hour tops. The journey to the hospital felt like one long contraction, and when I’d waddled in to the delivery room I really though I needed to poop again. But it transpired after a quick examination, where I pleaded that I couldn’t sit down and had to sort of roll onto the bed, I was 9cm dilated already! I felt a quick wave of “hooray well done me”. With Isabella it took me about 6 hours to dilate 1 cm, hence the need to hook me up to the drip and get those contractions moving. The ward was heaving so the midwife told me not to push and she’d be right back. The moment of pride was rapidly replaced by yelling “she’s coming” before the woman could even leave the room! Then out popped Sienna in two pushes. Absolutely crazy. It hurt like hell because I’d barely got my mouth around the gas and air tube before her head emerged. But it was over in minutes. Quite the opposite to Isabella’s delivery which took 16 hrs in the end.

sienna born

Anyway long and short of it was mum was on hand start to finish to look after Isabella. And we were back at home by lunch time to introduce the girls to each other. They did offer to try and find us a bed, whilst heavily emphasising they were mega busy, but I wanted to get back to Isabella so we happily excepted early discharge.

I was really lucky it happened that way. Especially with Marcus working so far away. But I’d definitely say getting back up in place before the big push made me feel more content. Through it all my main worry was for Isabella and fortunately it all went smoothly in terms of her care.

Incidentally I packed far less in the hospital bag this time around than I did for Isabella. And I needed hardly any of it as we were discharged so quickly. I knew Marcus would go home to sleep even if we had needed to stay in so I made up two bags. One with immediate essentials to take with us – notes, baby grow, vest, hat, Cardigan, nappies and a few bits for me to freshen up/change into. And another bag at home ready with more baby clothes, Pj’s and undies for me etc that Marcus could grab before coming back to the hospital. I lived out of that bag for the first few days as it had everything we needed to hand. So it was worth being over prepared.


first morning


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