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I’d like to think I’m just a typical muma doing my best day in day out. But since popping out two babies with a somewhat closer age gap than I’d ever planned, basically 14 months!! And after being told by medical professionals we couldn’t concieve naturally, I hope some of my experiences will be useful to others who fancy a read.

Marcus and I married in 2011 and were super keen to start a family right away. So out with the pill and in with the baby making. After months of not being careful we decided to pay more attention beyond all the frisky. After quite a few more months we bought a fertility monitor. Finally a year on from our dreams of a honeymoon baby, and all the peeing on sticks, we thought we better talk to the docs. It transpired we weren’t in a position to do it o’natural and off to the fertility clinic we went where IVF commenced. Well ICSI to be precise, but I’ll talk more specifically about all of that another time.

One round down and no baby. On to a Chinese herbalist and acupuncturist it was. Three months later we’d totally made our own baby. Isabella arrived July 2014 and our parental journey began. Hooray. Christmas came about and it was a busy one. So busy I kinda lost track of my cycle. By Feb I was pretty sure I’d missed out. As upsetting as that obviously wasn’t! So another pee on a stick and we were faced with the crazy notion that we’d conceived another baby. Not only the fact we’d done it at all, but so quickly, was a bit of a shock.

Sienna arrived September 2015 and another journey began. One in which I’d like to share.

I looked up forums and bloggers when I found out I was entering the crazy world of “2 under 2” and nothing really shouted out to me. Or gave me the specific answers I was looking for. Bed time. Nighttime. What to do when they are both screaming? How do you actually survive?

6 months in I have muddled on and made up my own answers. Albeit ones that change as often as the baby phases do. So this blog is basically how I’ve got by and some of what I’d do differently.

Many people will think there’s nothing special about 2 under 2, and I guess there are tons of families out there far busier. I’m by no means comparing 2 under 2 to having twins for example. Every baby and everybody’s lives are different, and I certainly don’t have the actual answers. But maybe some of what Marcus and I have experienced will be useful, an insight into what to expect or that your not going through it alone.

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