13 months 28 days
between my miracle girls

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Having two girls so close in age, after being told you couldn't conceive at all, is a bit of an adventure. One I'd like to share.
13 months 28 days between my miracle girls

Hi I'm Andrea. I'm a mediator by profession, but thats on the back burner whilst I bumble along with my new career of mummy to my 2 gorgeous girls. Notably born just under 14 months apart.

Daddy Marcus, has a job that includes a 2 hour commute and staying away over night at least once a week, if not half. So its me and the girls the majority of the time. Except when I can rope in my mum or mother in law to help.

Then there is Isabella, born July 2014, and Sienna joined the team September 2015. Oh and the cat. Poor old Bella doesn't even get a look in these days! I'm sure that will change once she has two slightly older people to curl up on and claw. Currently I just referee tail and ear pulling.

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